A space of tangible change in oneself
WETALK - means an impulse leading to new development. Our development always takes place in a spiral and originates precisely from a coil.
  • Yoga space
    We believe that taking care of our physical and mental health brings us to a balance in life and motivates us to move forward: after all, yoga, conscious nutrition, self-respect subconsciously leads us to respect the world.
  • Spiritual practices
    We believe that people will become happier if each of us starts listening to our inner child. He is always open and curious, he wants joy, interest and kindness. In our space, we are guided by the same desire, we speak like a close friend, we inspire with our endless flow of energy.
  • Networking
    We know that change often adds turbulence to life. Therefore, any change in our space is always accompanied by support expressed in networking, where an atmosphere of trust and many reasons inspire new developments. Networking gives us confidence, energizes us and shows that our potential has no limits.
  • Cafe
    It serves healthy breakfasts all day and does not use animal products, gluten and sugar.

A large selection of destinations will make it possible to find your own


You will find several levels of classes where you can choose the one in which you feel confident

  • Begginer
    For those who are just starting to get acquainted with the world of yoga
  • All level
    For Newly Practicing and Experienced Practitioners
  • Pro
    For those who feel confident on the mat
  • Therapy
    For healing and prevention of various diseases

Choose your own plan

Yoga practice flow
  • + prisctice drinks
  • Basic package, which consists only of yoga classes (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.) + provides a 10% discount on drinks in a cafe
$250 / person
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Yoga holistic
  • A package that gives full access (for a month / two, etc.) to yoga classes, practices and thematic events of the brand + 10% discount on all menus in the cafe
$600 / person
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Our trainers
Our team is ready to offer their services
  • Ann
  • Kate
  • Alice
  • Nat
Wetalk cafe
Your nice place for relax
Our cafe offers a wide variety of dishes and drinks for all tastes. We specialize in fresh ingredients and prepare each dish to order. We have a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as desserts and snacks. We try to create a pleasant atmosphere for our guests and guarantee quality service.
Wetalk shop
Different goods for your
Scented candles for meditation
Wide selection of incense
Yoga mats
Special yoga mats
Our contacts
We work hard every day to make our customers' lives better and happier
+7 (917) 588-10-83
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113 Khalid Bin el Walid Street, Dubai
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